Treasure Hunting

As a Pinterest junkie, artist, and lover of all things vintage I have been drooling over old artists boxes, tools and supplies. A few of my faves-

I just love the character they have with layers of paint and splatters built up over years of creating. If you come to my home, you will find similar splatters and smudges on not only my art tables, but my dining room table as well…. something it has taken my husband a few years to accept and now he simply says “she likes it that way” when asked.

I don’t know where all these vintage gems are hiding, probably in attics across the world dusty and forgotten. But after nearly two weeks with the kids home from school due to weather, I was ready for a day of treasure hunting to try and find one for myself.

My mom (South & Main in Dalton) and I took Saturday to scour the Columbus Antique mall for treasures. We spent HOURS just browsing, showing each other things we discovered and getting ideas. And then she found this…..

vintage artists box Mj&G Studio

Hello lover!!!!! The woman who cleaned her up and brought her in for me to discover (the booth owner) just happened to be working her space when we found it. After chatting a bit about how she had cleaned it up (it’s in amazing shape) I just had to have it. Perhaps I will cover it in my own paint splatters for some future artist to swoon over.

We didn’t find as many vintage watercolor tins as we had expected but I did get this Prang tin. It had just a bit of original watercolor inside, which still worked, but I will fill it with my own.

vintage Prang watercolor tin Mj&G Studio

I’m enjoying my winter while the studio is closed creating new art, learning new techniques and enjoying my quiet time. Dreaming of new ideas to add to the studio space in 2019.