Latest from the studio

Those who have been able to stop into the studio since our 2019 opening earlier this month have noticed some changes! I’ve been making a bit of a pivot in my businesses (as I tend to do fairly regularly) and as a result am hoping to have the boutique open more regularly.

The studio now includes an art space for me to work in (I’m blessed to have several creative spaces in my home as well) which I will use to create more of my artwork and handmade creations for the boutique as well as continue to add things to my online shop which is currently lacking much of anything.

In addition to more week day hours (and as many Saturdays as my schedule allows) you will occasionally find South & Main set up here with a tent and tons of pretty white, silver and shabby chic finds.

Please keep an eye on our calendar as we add hours regularly (and sometimes last minute). Or follow along on our Facebook page for frequent updates.