Joining the Ranks

letter board with map to vintage boutique

I’m no stranger to setting up shop. I have watched my mother open a handful of businesses, my favorite thing to do as a kid was play secretary because I have a love of organizing things, setting things up, and office supplies. Most of the women in my family are shop owners. I’ve run a successful photography studio for over 5 years now. I’ve created goods and peddled at multiple vendor fairs big and small. But this time it’s different. I don’t mean as in I’m having some major come to Jesus moment where I’ve found some calling and the seas have parted.  No. In fact, this adventure came as quite a surprise and until just a month or so ago I hadn’t even thought of opening up shop.  But, I’m a jumper. I get an idea, sometimes I let it go, other times I’m all in before even a second thought. This is one of those times.

It is with great excitement that I open up shop along side “The Shops of Dalton” as I have dubbed them.  The four (five if you count the long standing bar and grill) shops on Main Street Dalton are all run by strong independent women, some of which are my family, the rest are my friends. And although I am not located on Main Street, I am a short 3.4 miles just down the road.  While my address is technically Pardeeville, I am joining the ranks for the Dalton Shops.

The studio will have it’s grand opening September 23rd, 2017.  We are kicking things off with the Bee Inspired Market (something all the shops participate in) with additional vendors inside and out. I hope to see you there.

Map of vintage stores Wisconsin